Ricky Head
by on August 6, 2021

29 October 2013 - Mom (Ruth Head 89) returns to the Bremerton Police Department and donates her department-issued uniform, complete with tie and leather satchel, to the department's mini-museum of artifacts at its Burwell Street headquarters' front counter.


Ruth Head, a former officer who donated her uniform to the department in 1955, is greeted by Bremerton Police Chief Steven Strachan.


She didn't only bring the uniform. Scrapbooks filled with newspapers clippings, photos, and badges document a career that lasted from 1955 until 1980.

Ruth Head, a native Bremertonian, was the first female graduate from Olympic College's law enforcement program and the second female officer in the Bremerton Police Department.


Photo: Ruth Head and her two sons, Ricky and Robert.

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