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Josh catches us up on the last 10 years of his romantic life. Unfortunately, he hasn't made the type of progress he thought he would've made by his 30s, but that's normal, right?

✦ Starring ✦
Cathy Nguyen
Philip Wang

Directed by Taylor Chan & Philip Wang
Written by Philip Wang

Director of Photography: Christopher Yang
Editor: Michelle Hsieh
Producer: Benson Quach
Executive Producer: Wesley Chan, Philip Wang

✦ Featuring (in order of appearance) ✦
Philip Wang
Cathy Nguyen
Dia Frampton
Victoria Simone
David Choi
Letticia Bissondut
Khalif Boyd
Amanda Suk

McClain Moss, Chloe Carroll, Dina Makhlouf, Samina Engel, Jake Powers,
Helen Wu, Jasmine Meadows, Leslie Yacopetti
Martin Matreo, Malachi Kobayashi, Krystle Piamonte, jason Eng, Rachel Luna, Edmund Kwan, Sophia Lau, Kevin Garcia, Janelyn Marcelo

Assistant Director: Benson Quach
Production Coordinator: Jessica Lin
2nd Assistant Director: Kirsten Hoang
Assistant Camera: Alan Chung, Ryan Hasegawa
Sound Operator: Isaiah Kai Maylad
G&E Swing: Nelson Nguyen
Production Design: Jessica Lin
Hair and Makeup: Andrea Loc, Jordan Nguyen, Janelyn Marcelo

Post Production Supervisor: Taylor Chan
Colorist: Christopher Yang
BTS Operator: Isaiah kai Maylad
Production Assistants: Kirsten Hoang, Kevin Garcia, Alison Chan
Social Media/Graphic Design: Jennifer Le
Social Media Assistant: Michelle Guttierez

✦ Featured Music ✦
"Time of Your Life" - DanAKADan ft. Alex Hwang

"Seeking Friend for the End of the World" - DanAKADan ft. Hollis

"Her Shadow" - Thomas Ng

"Break Me In" - Meg & Dia

Featured Location
Sorry Not Sorry - Santa Monica

✦ Special Thanks ✦
Silver/Gold Careholders
Cathy Nguyen
Mikey Banaag
Wesley Chan
Mike Hsieh
Sorry Not Sorry
Kim Vu
Angie Franklin


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