Vina Showbiz
on May 15, 2020 214 views

Leenda recently undergoes a break up and is now learning to be single again. Her family pressures her to settle down with someone before her sisters wedding. We follow her journey of love, loss and friendship. She meets many eligible bachelors on the way, but who will she ultimately choose?

Written/ Directed By

Assistant Director/ Producer- Austin Quon

Script Supervisor/ Editor - Sean Nguyen

Cinematographer /Acam - Ryan Hasegawa

2nd Cam/ Colorist - Alan Dang

Gaffer - Nelson Nguyen

Live sound mixer - Kyle Pham

Composer - Chris Carlone

Production Assistants
Second AD Crystal Cheng

Patrick Parado

Kyle Hayashida

Caleb Joob

Jennifer Que

Lab 88

Summer Rolls Restaurant

Leenda Dong

Friend - Debbie Sath

Friend - Drea Okeke

Ex Boyfriend - David Park

Momma Dong


Aunt Michel- Philphak

Clubbing Guys
Netflix Dude- Jimmy Wong

Picture Guy - David Le

Drunk Guy - Mao Sun

Shirtless Guy - Ryan Holmes
Dancing Guy - Andrew Ge

Two Timer - James Lee

Angry Girlfriend- Linarte

Store Owner - Soy Nguyen

Kevin- Joe Jitsukawa

Stanley - Aaron Burriss

Albert - Jonathan Wong

Champagne Guy - Eden Kai

Nathan- Leo Hwang

Party Singer - Yoandri Cabrera

Party Singer Guitar - AJ Rafael


Marilyn Nguyen

Rosanna Wang


Sophie Cheung

Ivana He

Jennifer Que

Kyle Hayashida

Crystal Cheng

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